Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.03 beta

Enables you to schedule your computer to shut down, log off, restart & sleep
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Wise Auto Shutdown is a simple and useful system tool where you can set your computer to automatically perform a task at a certain time specified by you. The tasks provided by the program can shutdown, restart, sleep or logoff. You can schedule your computer to perform a daily task at a specific time. In addition, it provides a time counter which enables you to set the amount of time (hours and minutes) before the task is executed. Moreover, a reminder option is provided to warn (5 minutes before) you about the task that it will be performed, in case you want to cancel the task. The program doesn't provide you the option to add multiple tasks and only allows you to specify one task at one specific time. After starting the task the program will run in the background and an icon will appear in the taskbar in case you want to change or cancel the task. The application provides lots of user interface languages where you can choose from.
The program will not start again with your specified task scheduled in case a computer shutdown, logoff or restart occurs. So you will have to start the program again for the the scheduled task to be active.

In conclusion, the program is a useful system tool yet with poor features (even for a free program) and with no option to add multiple tasks.

Dennis Niels
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  • Lots of user interface languages


  • Doesn't provide you the option to add multiple tasks
  • The program doesn't run at Windows start-up for the scheduled task to be active
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